Zakat Foundation of India

Zakat Foundation of India was established in 1997 as a grassroots level organization by concerned residents of New Delhi.

We are a Non-Governmental/Non-Profit Organization which collects and utilizes ‘zakat’ or charity for socially beneficial projects in a transparent and organized manner.

Our projects (link) include running an orphanage, charitable hospital, providing stipends to widows etc.

A list of our international partners in USA, Cananda, UK can be found by clicking here >.

You are invited to deposit your amount of zakat, sadaqa, imdaad and other charity  through a number of available options for donation (link).

The Foundation will wholeheartedly welcome your suggestions for the improvement of its project.

(Please note: Zakat Foundation of India is registered under Trade Mark Act. Usage of any combination of these words by anybody else will be in violation of Trade Mark Act.)