About Project




Kashmiri artisans were once a vibrant, dynamic and prosperous people with a thriving self sufficient economy. But how had they come to be so?

With 700 followers descended upon the land of Kashmir, a sufi saint, Mir Syed Ali Hamdani from Persia is the one who shaped and changed Kashmir for ever both in its social set up and its economic moorings.  Among the 700 followers who accompanied him to Kashmir, were men of arts and crafts who flourished in the valley. They popularized Shawl-making, carpet-manufacturing, cloth-weaving, pottery and calligraphy. The skills and know-how he brought to Kashmir gave rise to an industry which is world famous even now as the home of Kashmiri shawls. The many vocations he introduced in the valley have provided a livelihood to the artisans of Kashmir for centuries.

Today these crafts and arts which made Kashmir famous and became both its face and specialty in the world are in shambles. The artisans and craftsmen can hardly make the ends meet living a miserable hand to mouth existence. Most of the fruits of their hard work are gobbled up by dishonest middlemen and cunning dealers. The new generations are leaving this age old treasure of skill.

Ehsaas aims at rehabilitating this century old craft and its craftsmen by giving market to their finished products worldwide and distribute the earned profit to artisans providing them their rightful remunerations. This Project will be a model of Entrepreneurial Philanthropy aimed at an effort to revive the  economy, uplift the poor artisans.

By coming out with this shopping initiative by Ehsaas International aims at two objectives primarily:

To revive the century old craft and rehabilitate the craftsmen, and

To serve the end consumer with the genuine product sealed with authenticity and government certification. So shop with pride.

All the profit earned by selling these products will be distributed among the artisans who make this product rather than filling the overfilled coffers of businessman.

What we aim: –

1.     To bring genuine handmade, worlds most luxurious, Geographical Indication (GI) labelled ‘Kashmir Pashmina’, fabric and its products into the international market without any middleman-ship.

2.     To give due rights in terms of profit and recognition to the artisans, rather than to middlemen, who are the real golden hands behind the making of Pashmina.

3.     Support to keep this natural 2300 year old craft alive which is otherwise dying a silent death at hands of machine made craft.

4.     Rehabilitate the art and the artisans who are living in drudgery and pity by being paid peanuts for the craft they create.

In short, by buying a product from us, you are directly helping the poor artisans to feed their family who otherwise are at verge of extinction.